ShortCode SubPlugin Demo

The following demo is a test of ShortCode Subplugin using the visitor information.
Notice that some information could be empty or useless depending the visitor

To make this demo fully working, you need to:

-Enable UAS Parser and Maxmind Databases downloaded and activated

-Enable the Shortcode Subplugin activated.

Please Check Shortocodes Help (you will need to log in as User Guest , Password Guest to see it ) included in the Plugin for examples and syntax.

These are the posible fieldnames for shortcode
[ sc_fieldname fieldname='xxx'] where xxx could be one of these values:

20180122 Current date  date
04:53:29 Current time  time User IP  ip
/shortcode-demo/ Url requested, usually the page the user navigates  urlrequested
CCBot/2.0 ( complete agent string, without decoding  agent
Usually the url where the user comes from  referrer
Search string if the user comes from a search engine  search
com nation from the user comes  nation
unknown Operative System  os
unknown General name for user Browser  browser
Default language in the browser settings  language
Search engine name(if the user come from a search engine)  searchengine
Spider name (this is not an user, this is a bot)  spider
feed irl if the user is navigation to a RSS  feed
User. This is valid only for logged users.  user
1516596809 timestamp to be stored on the database.  timestamp
200 Status code for the page, usually 200 (OK)  statuscode
unknown Browser type  typ
unknown User Agent Family  ua_family
unknown User Agent Name  ua_name
unknown User Agent Version  ua_version
unknown User Agent url is usually a link will take you to the main browser company page.  ua_url
unknown User Agent Company. Browser’s author  ua_company
unknown User Agent Company Url  ua_company_url
unknown User Agent Info Url  ua_info_url
unknown Operative System Family  os_family
unknown Operative System Name  os_name
unknown Operative System Url  os_ur
unknown Operative System Company  os_company
unknown Operative System Company Url: main site from the OS makers.  os_company_url
Country Code (2 letters)  country_code
Country Code (3 letters)  country_code_3
Contry Name (in english only)  country_name
Region Code (if available)  region
Region Name (if available)  region_name
City (if available and Maxmind enabled)  city
Postal Code (if available)  postal_code
Latitude (if Maxmind database is enabled)  latitude
Longitude (if Maxmind database is enabled)  longitude
Area Code (if available)  area_code
DMA Code (if available)  dma_code
Metro Code (if available)  metro_code
Continent Code  continent_code
Continent Name (only english)  continent_name


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