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StatComm Demo

Welcome to StatComm Demo Site. This site contains a demo of StatComm Plugin, a statistics plugin for WordPress and also includes the Help (same as bundled with the plugin) and a Wikipedia. To test the plugin: Access the Admin Page  with the user and password Guest/Guest Test the plugin. If you want to test in your site, proceed to download from WordPress  Full Article…


Dynamic Story using Shortcode Subplugin

A story A year ago, I got no job. That was a rough time. Maybe this story will ring you a bell, I hope you do. Anyway, I was broken. No cash at all. I knocked many doors, but I didn’t have luck. My last job was computer related. I’m not going to tell you  Full Article…


The Subplugins Core

Statcomm is inner core takes advantage of  Wordpress extensibility, providing subplugins to extend its features. A Statcomm subplugin is very much a common plugin, but its internal functionality is very attached to the internal Statcomm core. Being said that, it didn’t make much sense to publish plugins complementing Statcomm features. Currently Statcomm support two subplugins:  Full Article…


ShortCode SubPlugin Demo

The following demo is a test of ShortCode Subplugin using the visitor information. Notice that some information could be empty or useless depending the visitor To make this demo fully working, you need to: -Enable UAS Parser and Maxmind Databases downloaded and activated -Enable the Shortcode Subplugin activated. Please Check Shortocodes Help (you will need to  Full Article…